Google Penalty Recovery Tips

Google Penalty Recovery Tips

Penalized By Google? Here Are Some Recovery Tips

It seems that every few months Google completely changes their algorithms. If this wasn’t nail-biting enough, they also add to their list of already huge penalties what you can and cannot do to your website to make it rank.

We all know that the SEO is important for driving traffic to your website. But what do you do if you’ve crossed the arbitrary line and gotten “smacked” by Google? Your ranking has plummeted. Nobody visits your site anymore. Sales are down, and you’re looking at the worst quarter ever.

What can you do to recover?

Assess What Happened

First, you need to know what happened. A while back Google started hitting every site they accused of “keyword stuffing.” This meant putting in keywords way too many times than was natural in everyday speech. Their bots got so smart that they could sniff this out a mile away.

The correction here was to retool the content of the website, so it no longer evoked “keyword stuffing.” Depending on what is happening today, you may need to look up what may have changed lately and act as swiftly as possible. Then hope for the best.

Call In An Expert

If you still can’t figure out what happened, it may be time to get some consultation. We know how scary it may sound to hire an SEO expert to take a look at your website. But they’re not as expensive as they sound, especially if you’re only looking for a one-time consultation. That tax write-off can set you on the path to getting your site back on track.

You can also go the extra mile and hire an SEO consultant to do their job and retool your website. The advantage to this is that you no longer have to worry about it. You can get back to running your business instead of worrying about other things. Call the expert now or visit this website; and they are more than willing to assist you.

Build Strong Backlinks

The adage was that all backlinks were good backlinks. This is no longer true, as Google has caught on to people creating dummy sites and blogs to create useless backlinks. Now they care more about strong backlinks than anything else.

This means finding related blogs, social media accounts, and websites that may be willing to link to you and send some traffic your way. The key is to find sites like yours that may or may not be also ran by you. The more traffic they get, the better. When Google sees other authority sites sending traffic to you, they take notice and may offer to do the same.

It’s easy to want to panic once Google has punished you. This is because for a lot of people their livelihoods are being messed with. But it’s important to step back, take a deep breath, and follow the advice above. Assess what the problem could be and fix it; get some professional consultation and help if necessary; buildup strong backlinks that aren’t fluff. Soon enough, your rank will start climbing again.