Google Penalty Recovery Strategies

Google Penalty Recovery Strategies

Best Google Penalty Recovery Strategies

If you have several websites that have reached top positions on the Internet, and then suddenly one day, you have noticed that they are no longer visible on the first page of Google, something has definitely gone wrong. In most cases, Google has made an update in their algorithm which is targeting the on-site and off-site optimization techniques that you have been using, effectively removing you from the listings. Here are some of the Google penalty recovery strategies that you ought to use in order to get your site back up to the top of the page rankings.

How The Google Algorithm Works

There are many ways that the Google algorithm can work in your favor. As long as you are using strategies that it complies with, or that the update has not disavowed, then you are going to be fine. There is a fine line between using strategies that will actually help you or hurt you, so you have to know exactly what to do. Essentially, Google is looking for one thing and one thing only which are repetitive patterns that are done in mass. They directly target people that are trying to make a living on the Internet by using certain strategies to improve their search engine positioning. SEO Web  Magic. Google does not like it when you game their system, especially if you are not paying them money for their advertising. To make sure that people are not able to monopolize their algorithm, they always make constant changes. The problem with this is that Google is limited because it cannot simply target specific individuals. It also cannot change rules that would make actual websites with content that people are looking for drop out of the listings just to target people they want to get rid of. Therefore, if you have been penalized by Google, here is how you can recover from penalties as a result of updates that they have made in their algorithm.

Change IP Addresses

One trick that is known to work very well is to take your domain from one Web server and move it to another. Even though it is registered under your name, the fact that the IP addresses different, the penalties sometimes fall away. This is not a sneaky tactic, but since Google does not know what still you, and you could have sold your website to someone else, they do not want to penalize the other person. This is why changing your IP address is going to be one of the best Google penalty recovery strategies that you can use which will only take a few minutes.

Change Your Content And Site Structure

The next thing that you can do is to change the content that you have on your website to something completely unique and different. You will also want to change the silo structure, which are the categories that you are using in order to throw off the Google algorithm. If all of the content has changed, and your structure of your website is completely different, they will assume that someone else is using the domain. As a result of this, after a period of several weeks, you will start to see your domain resurface allowing you to start generating free traffic as you should be able to despite the changes that Google makes.

Using these simple Google penalty recovery strategies, most people are able to get their positioning back on the Google results very quickly. If you are able to change Web servers, change your content, and reorganize how the content is displayed, you should be able to recover all of the traffic you have lost.