Keep SEO As Simple And Natural As Possible

Keep SEO As Simple And Natural As Possible

Anyone who runs a web site will know that if you do not get traffic to it, then it is not really worth doing. The problem is getting traffic to a web site, especially if it is new. There are two main ways of doing it. One is to pay for advertising, while the other option is using organic traffic from the search engines. Most people have no choice but to opt for the second option, as advertising is expensive. One of the main aspects of bringing in organic traffic is to make sure that the web site is optimized.

Searching the internet for search engine optimization (SEO) will bring up tens of thousands of results. The problem is, that the landscape has changed over the years, and a lot of what can be found in the search results is either useless, or worse, could cause ranking damage to the site if implemented. Streamshare pointed out; so how does a web site owner ensure that what they are doing will only do them good? The simple answer is to keep things basic, and looking natural. Anything that appears unnatural will now get a red flag in the eyes of the search engines, and that includes on-site optimization, and backlinking.

Most people who run a web site will try and target Google for organic traffic. This is because it is still the number one search engine, and by some margin. It is also the most studied by internet marketers, and although no one knows the formula they use, it can be reverse engineered to give a good idea of what it is doing. In order to stay ahead of the game, the search engines bring out updates every few months. Google, for instance, usually has updates named after animals, with Panda being one which has hit some web sites hard.

When planning search engine optimization for a web site, the owner has to think how people in the real world would interact with it. This means the keywords they would use, and how they would bookmark the site. When people recommend the site, what text will they use? By doing what happens in the real world, a site owner is unlikely to fall foul of search engine penalties. This means that the site will also be future proofed against other updates made by the major search engines.

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