Failing To Do Basic SEO Can Lose Traffic

Failing To Do Basic SEO Can Lose Traffic

Most web site owners who run an online business, know that getting the SEO right is very important for the success of the business. Failure to get the basics right, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever find the site, and that means no sales. It is important to ensure that every page is optimized so that the search engine correctly place it in the rankings. This may seem obvious, but it is amazing how many site owners actually get this wrong. Many sites will have the same title for every page, which is not a good idea . While other sites will not have a description, so their search engine posting can end up with a meaningless description.
If you run a web site, the best way to check the title and description is to right-click, when viewing it in a browser, and select view source. Near the top, there should be a title tag, and a description tag. If they are not there, then something needs to be done quickly, check this out as it more than likely causing a loss of traffic. A lot of sites use WordPress, or other similar software these days, and so many plugins are available to ensure that these tags are present. If the web site has been done by a third party, then it may be worth considering using another company that knows about search engine optimization.

Of course, on-site optimization is only half of the job. The other half is having quality backlinks
pointing to the site. These links should point mainly to the home page, but there should be some that point to internal pages. Since the likes of Google are now good at looking for unnatural linking, the link text should consist of the main keyword, longtails, naked URL’s, and calls to action. This is how they would appear in the real world when other sites link back. The backlinks should also come from a wide variety of site types, and different Pageranks, although it is a good idea to target those with a PR of 5 or above.

By doing the basics when it comes to optimization, even with bad rankings, some free organic traffic should arrive. With good rankings though, it will ensure a higher than average visit rate. It does not take long to do the basics, so there is really no reason not to do them.

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