Affordable Web Design

Affordable Web Design

Your online presence says a great deal about your company and if your website isn’t well thought out or professional, it can be an instant turnoff for consumers. Unfortunately, DIY design are no longer cutting it, and with so many competitors in every industry, you need your company to be respected. First impressions are everything in the online world which is why hiring an affordable website design company is in your best interests.

The costs of professional web design may vary and companies may charge a monthly fee or a fee based on the amount of work being completed. Regardless, take into consideration the benefits of professional web design outlined below!

Mobile Technology Compatibility

The need for responsive web design is at an all time high and if your website doesn’t properly load on mobile devices, website designyou could be missing out on a great deal of profit. What most business owners don’t understand is that responsive web design is not easy to create and mobile technology is changing at a rapid pace, therefore, an affordable web design company is a worthy investment.

Website Reliability

As you attempt to increase the incoming traffic to your website, it’s important that your website is reliable and properly functioning. Over a few short weeks or months, your website may need a bit of tweaking or adjusting in order to adhere to the latest SEO guidelines. If you already had a great deal of trouble coming up with your first design, additional programming may seem like a nightmare without the appropriate help.

Unique Designs

Consumers can spot a website template a mile away and if your website’s design appears on several other websites as well, you really need all the help you can get! An affordable design company can help design a website that matches the mission statement of your company and the products or services that you’re actively selling. A beautiful and modern website can create a lasting first impression on the average consumer.

Better SEO

A website that you design is never going to be appropriate for SEO as the sole purpose of your design was to ensure your page looks good as opposed to how it will rank in search results. A web design company not only caters to your needs as a salesman, but they go behind the scenes to create the perfect layout for proper programming.

Time To Invest Elsewhere

The most compelling reason to have someone else complete your web design is the simple benefit of freeing up time for yourself to focus on other aspects of your business. You still need to launch a marketing campaign and deal with organizing the flow of your company, and that all requires your full and unwavering attention.

A DIY approach is good for renovating a home, but it certainly isn’t something you should do for web design. Investing into good web design now sets a positive foundation for the future of your company.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Why Responsive Website Design Is Even More Important Today

In April 2015, Google has made an official announcement that the mobile “friendliness” of your website will have an impact on rankings, using this as part of a ranking factor. Now while this is very important to note, especially if you want to continue being found on the web and through mobile search, it’s not the only reason you should be considering building a responsive website. There are many advantages and what we’ll be discussing here are a few of the most important reasons why you should be looking more carefully into this if you already aren’t.

First off, let’s clarify what it means to have a responsive website layout. This means that a website is constructed to have all the content, structure, images plus video to be visually the same when viewed on any device but also be clear. This means that when one views a website on a desktop, the website design will adjust to conform to whatever device you are using such as a tablet or mobile smartphone.

While some would argue that you can pinch and squeeze to expand on responsive sites to work, it is just another step that a user has to take and for some an inconvenience when compared to other websites that do have this feature. This is the standard that everyone expects so implementing it is highly recommended if you haven’t done so yet. You’ll be saving money by having one website that does it all versus having a desktop and mobile version of your website to be maintained. Now let’s get into more details of the other benefits.

Responsive design is super flexible. Just check any current responsive website and notice the fluidity of how the site reacts when you scroll through it. This “effect” is again what mobile device users expect so seeing your static design will normally imply a negative impression on your website. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Top SEO Brisbane.

The user experience in this regard is also much better. While all would agree that it’s content that draws them in, it’s how one can consume it that will ultimately lead to the best conversions in this high attention deficit society. By providing the information in a way that is easy to interact with, with no need for long scrolling or resizing, leads to the best user experience and that is what we all desire to achieve as prominent websites.

If you’ve invested heavily into your current site, the thought of remaking it into being responsive may seem daunting and even cost prohibitive. That being said, with the need for having mobile friendly versions of your website to satisfy the search engines as well as the need to be fresh in your marketplace’s eyes, biting the bullet and actually creating a responsive website will actually save you in the long run. As mentioned before, maintaining two sites (desktop and mobile) will start to add up in costs so making the move now is smarter to keep or even improve your current search engine rankings.

Speaking of search engines. Google has already gone in public to saying that responsive web design as the industry best practice. It makes sense since it is less work for the search engine spiders to have to crawl both your primary site and the mobile version of it. Preference will lean more heavily to the responsive websites. It improves user experience, and that is your goal as a website owner no matter what.

Responsive websites are also easier to manage for those who are in charge of it. Cutting back on working on two websites allows all the focus to be where it should be. Improving your brand and usability. Hopefully what you read has convinced you that you should at least look into this and switch over if you haven’t already.

Why Website Design Is Essential For Great Rankings

Why Website Design Is Essential For Great Rankings

Why Web Design Is Critical For Great Rankings

Computers were once the domineering media for surfing the internet. That however changed when new smaller and fast hand-held computer gadgets come into the market. In respect to that, the dynamics of having a top rank on the internet changed. Shifts were evident, as website developers and designers need to make changes to fit the demands of new age IT generation.

The advancements in IT pushed for new concepts of web design; the new methods center on responsive website design. In simple terms, it is all about making the website in a format that is accessible to various devices (desktops, smartphones, laptops, and tablets). In as much as that this drives the design concept, ensuring the site has a good online ranking should always be the main target.

Viewership is one of the tools that determine a site’s rank on the internet. The way a website is laid out in terms of design in regards to that aspect. It is all about website utilization, which touches on content and conveyance of the content. The design of the site should be in a way that help to carry as much content as possible in the layout that is easier to peruse. Nevertheless, the content posted on the site should also be relevant to the viewer’s search-terms. These two aspects are the main reasons why viewers will keep coming back to a certain site. So, much better to have an seo website design.

In regards to content and its relevance and conveyance, people relate easily to the content that they can read and grasp quickly. Research shows that the current generation has a very short attention span. In regards to that, people spend less than 20 seconds doing an online search. How well the website is designed supports the layout of content, which should be in a manner that is easily legible. Keeping the content simple (in terms of grammar) is key to keeping the viewers interested. All these measures help to increase the relevance of the website to the end user thus giving it a higher ranking. Once this is achieved, then more and more people will quickly relate to your site when doing their online search.

Still on viewership, online users prefer a site that is easy to access. Statistics shows that around 40% of all online users are less likely to go back to a website that did not work or respond properly. In this regard, a site should not have a fast accessibility when on a computer platform but slow on a mobile platform. The layout should also not be so different across these platforms. Taking such factors into account increases the search engine optimization resulting in greater rankings.

A good website design should support link building, where the sites can be linked to another site for greater online presence thus higher chances of greater online positioning. This boosts the SEO campaign while also fostering a better user experience. The links show flow with ease whether the user is using a computer of mobile based website version.

Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery

Recovering From Google Penalties From Panda And Penguin Updates

The updates, which Google will force on you, are very important to learn about. If you notice your ranking falling rapidly or see it completely at the bottom of the list, chances are that something has changed in the way they do their results. You need to take steps so that you are subscribed to SEO newsletters and websites so that you can get the news on what is going on in the world of search engine optimization at all times. Google won’t tell the public about updates so that people, who try to scam the system, won’t be able to get too far ahead before the update goes out.

Figure out the details of the release and then start to search for what can be done to avoid having your website penalized too much for what they are going to do to it. If they are going to change a way you have to tag terms or the way keywords are, you need to go through your website and get to change everything you can right away. Even if the update is slow to roll out, the faster you can get this done the better off your ranking should be.

You will always have to wait a little while to see how many people this update will have had an effect on or  if not you may contact a website recovery services. Sometimes as many as 5% of people or more are going to feel what happens to the algorithm. At other times, 1% of sites on search engines are going to have trouble after the updates. Even if you don’t think it’s going to cause you trouble, since the updates are going to keep coming it’s good to learn how to deal with them no matter what right away so if something were to happen to your site’s ranking you’d be aware of how to work with it to get your spot back in the search results.

Google will release updates; that’s just how they try to keep their search engine results from being taken advantage of. As more people figure out how to manipulate the results, or just for no reason at all, you may find yourself a victim of an update. Here is what to do so this isn’t as much of a problem for you.

Once you can figure out what can be done to deal with Google updates to their algorithm, it’s a little easier to deal with things as they change. You may never be completely prepared for each and every time a site will change, but it is good to know what to do to be as prepared as possible.

SEO is going to benefit you if you learn about before you build a website or if you have one. It is one great way to drive traffic to your site, and it is just going to keep changing, so it is good to stay on top of things. Gone are the days of stuffing keywords onto a page and then climbing the ranks through various exploits. The smarter the algorithms become, the better off you are getting content that’s well written and unique. The work is going to be tough when you first get started, but when it starts to pay off, you’ll find it to be worth your time.


Google Penalty Recovery Tips

Google Penalty Recovery Tips

Penalized By Google? Here Are Some Recovery Tips

It seems that every few months Google completely changes their algorithms. If this wasn’t nail-biting enough, they also add to their list of already huge penalties what you can and cannot do to your website to make it rank.

We all know that the SEO is important for driving traffic to your website. But what do you do if you’ve crossed the arbitrary line and gotten “smacked” by Google? Your ranking has plummeted. Nobody visits your site anymore. Sales are down, and you’re looking at the worst quarter ever.

What can you do to recover?

Assess What Happened

First, you need to know what happened. A while back Google started hitting every site they accused of “keyword stuffing.” This meant putting in keywords way too many times than was natural in everyday speech. Their bots got so smart that they could sniff this out a mile away.

The correction here was to retool the content of the website, so it no longer evoked “keyword stuffing.” Depending on what is happening today, you may need to look up what may have changed lately and act as swiftly as possible. Then hope for the best.

Call In An Expert

If you still can’t figure out what happened, it may be time to get some consultation. We know how scary it may sound to hire an SEO expert to take a look at your website. But they’re not as expensive as they sound, especially if you’re only looking for a one-time consultation. That tax write-off can set you on the path to getting your site back on track.

You can also go the extra mile and hire an SEO consultant to do their job and retool your website. The advantage to this is that you no longer have to worry about it. You can get back to running your business instead of worrying about other things. Call the expert now or visit this website; and they are more than willing to assist you.

Build Strong Backlinks

The adage was that all backlinks were good backlinks. This is no longer true, as Google has caught on to people creating dummy sites and blogs to create useless backlinks. Now they care more about strong backlinks than anything else.

This means finding related blogs, social media accounts, and websites that may be willing to link to you and send some traffic your way. The key is to find sites like yours that may or may not be also ran by you. The more traffic they get, the better. When Google sees other authority sites sending traffic to you, they take notice and may offer to do the same.

It’s easy to want to panic once Google has punished you. This is because for a lot of people their livelihoods are being messed with. But it’s important to step back, take a deep breath, and follow the advice above. Assess what the problem could be and fix it; get some professional consultation and help if necessary; buildup strong backlinks that aren’t fluff. Soon enough, your rank will start climbing again.

Google Penalty Recovery Strategies

Google Penalty Recovery Strategies

Best Google Penalty Recovery Strategies

If you have several websites that have reached top positions on the Internet, and then suddenly one day, you have noticed that they are no longer visible on the first page of Google, something has definitely gone wrong. In most cases, Google has made an update in their algorithm which is targeting the on-site and off-site optimization techniques that you have been using, effectively removing you from the listings. Here are some of the Google penalty recovery strategies that you ought to use in order to get your site back up to the top of the page rankings.

How The Google Algorithm Works

There are many ways that the Google algorithm can work in your favor. As long as you are using strategies that it complies with, or that the update has not disavowed, then you are going to be fine. There is a fine line between using strategies that will actually help you or hurt you, so you have to know exactly what to do. Essentially, Google is looking for one thing and one thing only which are repetitive patterns that are done in mass. They directly target people that are trying to make a living on the Internet by using certain strategies to improve their search engine positioning. SEO Web  Magic. Google does not like it when you game their system, especially if you are not paying them money for their advertising. To make sure that people are not able to monopolize their algorithm, they always make constant changes. The problem with this is that Google is limited because it cannot simply target specific individuals. It also cannot change rules that would make actual websites with content that people are looking for drop out of the listings just to target people they want to get rid of. Therefore, if you have been penalized by Google, here is how you can recover from penalties as a result of updates that they have made in their algorithm.

Change IP Addresses

One trick that is known to work very well is to take your domain from one Web server and move it to another. Even though it is registered under your name, the fact that the IP addresses different, the penalties sometimes fall away. This is not a sneaky tactic, but since Google does not know what still you, and you could have sold your website to someone else, they do not want to penalize the other person. This is why changing your IP address is going to be one of the best Google penalty recovery strategies that you can use which will only take a few minutes.

Change Your Content And Site Structure

The next thing that you can do is to change the content that you have on your website to something completely unique and different. You will also want to change the silo structure, which are the categories that you are using in order to throw off the Google algorithm. If all of the content has changed, and your structure of your website is completely different, they will assume that someone else is using the domain. As a result of this, after a period of several weeks, you will start to see your domain resurface allowing you to start generating free traffic as you should be able to despite the changes that Google makes.

Using these simple Google penalty recovery strategies, most people are able to get their positioning back on the Google results very quickly. If you are able to change Web servers, change your content, and reorganize how the content is displayed, you should be able to recover all of the traffic you have lost.

Lead Generation Gold Coast

Lead Generation Gold Coast

The Benefits of Online Lead Generation

Reliable statistics indicate that more than nine out of every 10 visitors on a website will not purchase anything, especially if it is their initial visit. Instead of attempting to sell product to them right away, successful marketers capture the lead as an alternative. It is just one of the effective methods for online lead generation, in an effort to gain a consumer’s trust and the ability to attempt to sell them something in the future.

Successful marketers like Streamshare are those that use proven, effective online lead generation tools for creating profitable sales online. Some of these tools include:

• Capturing email addresses
• Building and developing relationships using online communication
• Providing lots of value before being asked to provide anything in return
• Repeating the above steps
• Selling great products or services

Create a Lead Generating Site

Most websites and blogs are not designed as effective tools to generate leads. Most are actually “anti-lead” generating sites. Traditional websites tend to be filled with huge volumes of poorly written content, along with text and visual information focused on services, much like an old-fashioned brochure. The site tends to be highly passive, and mainly on helpful in providing information or calls to action to every website visitor.

Alternatively, a website designed specifically for lead generation utilizes user-friendly descriptions of what is to be done (a value proposition). In addition, it is designed to quickly identify any crucial problem or a need that the site can solve (in a matter of moments).

When the online visitor recognizes that the site contains answers to its questions, they are less likely to move on to somewhere else. Providing valuable information and content is important to a lead generating site that wants to offer a variety of opportunities for signing up, signing in, logging on, and capturing contact information effortlessly.

Search Engine Optimization

Many individuals that been highly successful with online lead generation utilize search engine optimization to their advantage. This is because most online users utilize search engines to locate desired information using carefully chosen keywords and key phrases. Understanding that the online user will likely “Google” information can be invaluable tool when designing a lead generating site filled with quality content. Successful search engine optimization (SEO) requires routinely updating text and visual content on the site as a way to increase rankings in search engine query.

Online Networking

Using social media networking sites as a business tool to generate leads has been a phenomenally successful tool for many marketers. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social sites provide the best connections for generating leads online. Social media platforms provide an easy online connection between consumers and the company. They serve as a reference point for capturing the attention of potential customers with the products and services the company provides.

Blog Sites

Many successful marketers have developed a strong lead generating machine use the advantage of blogging sites for their business. It serves as an effective driver of generating leads by promoting services or products the company provides on their website. In addition, it provides the ideal open forum to communicate with potential and existing customers, accept feedback, comments and reviews and work as a tool for customer service.


Webinars are best described as an online version of a traditional seminar. In addition, they work as an ideal online lead generation tool to capture valuable information from every visitor. The online registration allows the marketer to collect a vast amount of basic information of every attack the wall presenting interesting topics and educational information online. To be successful, the webinar must provide valuable content to the ideal targeted audience. While the webinar does not always produce immediate results through quality lead generation, it does provide an avenue for building trust with potential customers that desire or require the company’s services or products.

The leads any marketer acquired will only be as good as the site that is designed to capture them. Successful marketers design an effective landing page built specifically for capturing leads that is neither time-consuming nor overwhelming to the online visitor. In addition to increase conversion rates on the company’s main site, it can also increase the level of trust and authority provided by the company.

Basic SEO Tips for Bloggers

Basic SEO Tips for Bloggers


Starting a blog is a great way to share your ideas and viewpoints with the world. Unfortunately, however, not many people will read your ideas if you aren’t listed well in the search engines. That is why it is so important to properly optimize your blog. By doing so, you can come up at the top of the search results for your blog’s keywords, which will bring more traffic to your page. Here are some basic SEO tips for bloggers.

Write High Quality Content

Getting your site listed high up in the search engines used to be a matter of including a certain number of words in each post, and adding a certain percentage of keywords to each post. After the latest search engine updates, however, that approach no longer works. Instead, sites are rewarded for high quality content by being listed higher in the search results. If you want to be on top for your keywords, write the highest quality content possible.

Write Engaging Headlines

Another SEO tip for bloggers is to write engaging headlines that people will want to click. When a search engine displays your site in the search results, it tracks how often it gets clicked compared to the other sites it has displayed. If your site gets clicked more often, the search engines will see that it is popular and will respond by moving it higher in the search result or you may refer this additional info here…

Share Your Posts on Social Media

Search engines use social media to judge how popular your content is. If it is getting shared a lot through sites like Twitter and Facebook, it implies that you have popular content. Again, this can give you a boost in the results. Always share your content through social media, and hashtag it appropriately to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

These basic SEO tips will help you get your blog listed higher in the search listings. As a result, you will be able to share your content with more readers.

Keep SEO As Simple And Natural As Possible

Keep SEO As Simple And Natural As Possible

Anyone who runs a web site will know that if you do not get traffic to it, then it is not really worth doing. The problem is getting traffic to a web site, especially if it is new. There are two main ways of doing it. One is to pay for advertising, while the other option is using organic traffic from the search engines. Most people have no choice but to opt for the second option, as advertising is expensive. One of the main aspects of bringing in organic traffic is to make sure that the web site is optimized.

Searching the internet for search engine optimization (SEO) will bring up tens of thousands of results. The problem is, that the landscape has changed over the years, and a lot of what can be found in the search results is either useless, or worse, could cause ranking damage to the site if implemented. Streamshare pointed out; so how does a web site owner ensure that what they are doing will only do them good? The simple answer is to keep things basic, and looking natural. Anything that appears unnatural will now get a red flag in the eyes of the search engines, and that includes on-site optimization, and backlinking.

Most people who run a web site will try and target Google for organic traffic. This is because it is still the number one search engine, and by some margin. It is also the most studied by internet marketers, and although no one knows the formula they use, it can be reverse engineered to give a good idea of what it is doing. In order to stay ahead of the game, the search engines bring out updates every few months. Google, for instance, usually has updates named after animals, with Panda being one which has hit some web sites hard.

When planning search engine optimization for a web site, the owner has to think how people in the real world would interact with it. This means the keywords they would use, and how they would bookmark the site. When people recommend the site, what text will they use? By doing what happens in the real world, a site owner is unlikely to fall foul of search engine penalties. This means that the site will also be future proofed against other updates made by the major search engines.

Failing To Do Basic SEO Can Lose Traffic

Failing To Do Basic SEO Can Lose Traffic


Most web site owners who run an online business, know that getting the SEO right is very important for the success of the business. Failure to get the basics right, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever find the site, and that means no sales. It is important to ensure that every page is optimized so that the search engine correctly place it in the rankings. This may seem obvious, but it is amazing how many site owners actually get this wrong. Many sites will have the same title for every page, which is not a good idea . While other sites will not have a description, so their search engine posting can end up with a meaningless description.
If you run a web site, the best way to check the title and description is to right-click, when viewing it in a browser, and select view source. Near the top, there should be a title tag, and a description tag. If they are not there, then something needs to be done quickly, check this out as it more than likely causing a loss of traffic. A lot of sites use WordPress, or other similar software these days, and so many plugins are available to ensure that these tags are present. If the web site has been done by a third party, then it may be worth considering using another company that knows about search engine optimization.

Of course, on-site optimization is only half of the job. The other half is having quality backlinks
pointing to the site. These links should point mainly to the home page, but there should be some that point to internal pages. Since the likes of Google are now good at looking for unnatural linking, the link text should consist of the main keyword, longtails, naked URL’s, and calls to action. This is how they would appear in the real world when other sites link back. The backlinks should also come from a wide variety of site types, and different Pageranks, although it is a good idea to target those with a PR of 5 or above.

By doing the basics when it comes to optimization, even with bad rankings, some free organic traffic should arrive. With good rankings though, it will ensure a higher than average visit rate. It does not take long to do the basics, so there is really no reason not to do them.